Manuel began his Photographic career with his son Josh in August 2011 with the launch of Momentos Wedding Photography. During these years we have developed a passion for documentary and/or photojournalistic styles photography from the top renoun photographers in the world.

We wanted to be the "fly in the wall" and report back to our clients in a picture format of all those natural moments captured during the wedding day without the endless posed pictures, the constant staging of the images and the hour long bride and groom portrait shoots. We love to quietly photograph those moments which captured the very essence of the day.

Since 2011 Manuel has been accepted to the AGWPJA an international Fine Art Photography Association, has been nominated Licentiate from the SWPP and has won different awards for his documentary photography.



Unobtrusive with a hint of our personal "Play time" with the couple using different techniques lights to offer a dramatic image. Unobtrusive is the word that we like to use whenever anyone asks us to describe our approach to photographing a wedding. We like to attend your wedding as witnesses of the day and then report back to you all those moments in format of pictures.

For us a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event that should be photographed quietly, sympathetically, and without the photographer dictating what happens in front of them. As soon as a photographer engages the subject or directs or controls the event, the wedding becomes the photographer’s idea of what the wedding should look like rather than what it actually is. Out of respect for the day we prefer to record it in such a way as to produce images which are honest and truthful, and can be enjoyed for generations to come. 

We always cover each wedding together but this doesn’t mean we stand in the same place and shoot the same things from a slightly different angle!! We prefer to work individually on the same wedding, seeking out our own pictures and providing our clients with two different perspectives.

On a typical wedding day we cover the bridal preparations. We photograph the ceremony together but never from the same spot, and always, always discretely. After the ceremony we like to look for those moments which involve the bridal party and close family.

Our portfolios show the strength and depth of our approach.