Your Questions and Answers


How soon do I need to book a wedding photographer?

There are many factors involved, but one of the most important is whether you will be getting married at a popular time such as the summer or at a holiday period. If so, then you will need to book at least 12 months in advance to get the date you want. I am taking bookings now that stretch 18-24 months in advance and the popular dates always get filled up first.

How do I choose a wedding photographer?

It’s not easy to decide, but here are a couple of tips to make it easier:

  • Firstly, you must absolutely love the style of the photographer’s work. Have a look at all the examples of my style on this website. They are a mixture of the elegant and timeless with a good selection of informal. This approach gives you a set of images that give a balanced view of the day.
  • Secondly, you must be able to forge a strong relationship with the photographer. After all, you are likely to spend many hours with this person, and you need to have a rapport to get the best pictures. Ask yourself whether you would get on with them if you met socially. I am very happy to provide true testimonials from brides who will tell you about their experiences with me as their wedding photographer.

How far will you travel?

Our photographer’s cover Devon, Cornwall, Dorset and Somerset. Any further distances will also be considered. Please get in touch.

What about our engagement shoot?

All of our wedding photography packages include an engagement shoot. This is a good opportunity for us to work together prior to the big day. It helps build trust and confidence in our ability to produce the outstanding pictures that you want.

Can I get a discount for low season or weekday weddings?

The weekends in our diary get booked up much more quickly than weekdays, and we often have numerous requests from couples all requesting the same Saturday or Sunday. As we only attend one wedding per day, it limits the number of commissions that can be taken. What we can offer is a personalized package for weekday and low season weddings. Please contact us.

Why does our photographer have copyright on our wedding pictures?

This is actually standard practice across the photographic industry, and is a form of legal protection. As soon as a photograph is taken, the copyright is automatically afforded to the photographer. Any kind of reproduction of the images has to be agreed in writing with the photographer, or with whoever owns their rights for 70 years after they’ve died. All our wedding packages include a master Pen Drive of images with full “printing” rights given to you the client.

Will the wedding photographer call us if someone else requests a date we want (but haven’t yet booked)?

All bookings have to be confirmed by signing a contract and paying a retainer, and we can’t hold dates open for people. As a business, we have to take bookings on a first come first served basis. It also covers you too because once you have completed a contract and paid the retainer you know that everything is in place and your date is secured.

Will our wedding photographer be taking pictures of me getting dressed?

For many brides the morning preparations are an important part of the day and they want it to be included in the pictures. The level of undress is entirely down to you and we will be respectful of your wishes. If there are any moments you don’t want to be photographed, they won’t be. Brides usually like to have the photographer around from the start, because they and everyone around them become more relaxed in front of the camera by the time the ceremony starts. Grooms also appreciate these pictures because they get a little glimpse of what happened when they weren’t there.

Formal photographs – how much time should I allocate?

Manuel and Josh will try to capture your formal photograph’s as quickly as possible as we understand that it’s your wedding day and you and your guests don’t want to be stood around for hours waiting for your group to be called. This is why the other photographer along with the ushers will gather people ready for the next photograph so we keep the groups flowing letting the minimum amount of time wasted between the groups.

Do I need feed my wedding photographer?

Both Manuel and Josh feel that the wedding breakfast is for the couple to enjoy with their family and friends. During the time of the wedding breakfast, the photographers will exit the reception and set up any equipment or even go and have a quiet snack. During the meal you will see Manuel and Josh checking on when you have your speeches and cutting of the cake to ensure this is not missed.

How many hours will our wedding photographer shoot?

This can be very confusing when you start to look for a photographer and find out exactly when they’ll start and finish … so we make it as easy as possible. Full day coverage is from bridal preparations till the end of the first dance. It doesn’t matter if preparations start at 7.00 am and the first dance is 10.00 pm – there is no set number of hours with us. At Momentos Photography we offer a complimentary additional 30 minutes after the first dance has finished capturing the candids of your guests and family dancing and generally having a good time!

Is there a deadline for creating the album?


Can I choose black-and-white, or color for any shot?

As we shoot with digital equipment it is possible for any of your pictures to be converted to black and white from the color original. Just discuss this with us as some may work better in one or the other. We offer a service by where when Manuel and Josh edits your wedding photos and after speaking with you as the couple to discuss your preferences, they go by their professional opinion whether a photo would be best in any style of “edit”. However, if you receive any photo that you would like to be changed into any other style of edit then all you have to do is contact us and we change this completely free of charge.

Do we design our wedding album?

We think that it is important that as your wedding photographers we gather your opinion too as this is what you will have as an heirloom for the rest of your lives together to remember that special day. The way that it works is we ask you for a list of photos and then Manuel and Josh will put together a proof for you. We then send you this for your approval which you can change the photos, the layout or anything for that matter until you are 100% happy.  

I would like an album for my parents. How would this work?

The parent album is a popular choice and can either be a smaller copy of the main wedding album or one specifically designed just for them. W